- Throughout on the list of openings of this anime, one of the women is supersized and feeding on a cake with on the list of girls standing on it. YouTube video clip of GTS sighting

- Danny accidently freed a ghost termed Desiree, whom causes difficulties by granting men and women’s needs but incorporating a chaotic twist to them. The GTS scene normally takes locations when Danny and Tucker head over to the films when Paulina appears to be like in a cardboard eliminate poster of a Hi there Kitty type character and she or he wishes that she was as adorable and well known as being the character.

- On the incredibly commencing of the episode, Darkwing is jogging all-around in a very desire till He's surrounded by most of the villains inside the series.

- Through a desire sequence, Girl Liberty grabs Jessi from the toilet stall and retains her while in the palm of her hand although talking about the hardships of getting a lady. YouTube video clip of GTS scene

- Upon Assembly the Sky Priestess (who's big-sized), Cinque's celebration learns which the Star Whale is infested of demons, and the only approach to cleanse it can be via the voice of a gifted singer.

- Rita will become fascinated by Mina's science function and desires to understand science herself. However, even though bumping within the lab, a expansion serum falls on Rita's head and tends to make her gigantic. YouTube online video of whole episode

- Trixie is taller than Timmy, and you can see at the start as well as the ending of the episode a giantess Trixie who stands up over the earth and who hugs a giant Timmy. YouTube video clip of complete episode

- Max and Emmy touch Shrinking Violets and switch little. Their dragon good friends test to look for them during the grass, and they seem large to the youngsters, including the female dragons, Cassie and Wheezie. YouTube video clip of full episode.

- In "The Barbie Diaries," Barbie is portrayed as an average American teenager who is a sophomore in high school who encounters the problems that real-everyday living teenagers generally encounter: building new mates, relationship, gossip, and getting involved with school.

- Soon after encountering a trio of villainesses, one of these summons a giant and scantily-clad woman to attempt to crush the goddesses of fine.

- The episode commences with Dexter's moms and dads (and The full home in addition) find more information shrunken in measurement. He observes their pursuits to the day till Dee Dee decides to jump in around the entertaining, and hilarity ensues Later on as Dexter tries to maintain the mom and dad from getting his mystery lab. Downloadable video of GTS scenes. [Cubed Cinder]

- Mikami, even though fighting a robust ghost, will get struck by a dart that causes her to shrink to your very small dimension the subsequent early morning. Despite currently being far more of the SW episode, there are occasions when she interacts with a traditional-sized Okinu (the feminine ghost that assists her).

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- At first aired in 1974. The whimsical sprite "Timer" invites Very little Pink's two siblings to his homeland inside Very little Pink's head by shrinking them to microscopic sizing and exhibiting them close to their teenage sister's head to find out how the intellect performs. YouTube video clip of comprehensive episode. [jekblom]

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